Thursday, 7 November 2013

Character Generation

You have 50 points to spend on stats and skills.

1) Stats.

1d in a stat costs 2 points. You must have at least 1d in each of the 6 stats; no stat can have more than 5d.

The stats are:


Sense refers to natural alertness and awareness; Mind refers to intelligence. The others are relatively self-explanatory.

2) Skills

The rest of your points can be distributed among skills on a 1 point per 1d basis. You can make up skills as you see fit; usually it is not worth putting more than 5d into a skill, and 5d is considered "world class".

3) Assets

You are all rich, and have £10,000 income a year. You start the game with £5,000 in cash, and £5,000 in bonds, shares, gilts etc. which can be converted into cash within 30 days. You also have £40,000 in tangible assets - a house, jewellery, antiques, rare books, whatever you see fit.

4) Madness

Note down your Madness meters: Violence, The Unnatural, Self, and Helplessness. These all start blank.


  1. Colonel Francis Kitson

    Body 3
    Coordination 2
    Sense 4
    Mind 3
    Empathy 1
    Command 5

    Small Arms 3
    Tactics 3
    Hindi 2
    Indian occutism 1
    Swahili 2
    Witch doctory 2
    Mandarin 1

  2. Jacob Hodgkiss

    Body 3
    Coordination 2
    Sense 3
    Mind 5
    Empathy 3
    Command 1

    Writing 4
    Flirtation 1
    Natural Sciences 3
    Logic 3
    Sword cane 2
    Deduction 2
    The Occult 1

    Hodgkiss has a house in London and a cottage in Northumberland. He collects rare books and curios. He has just enough income (at present, but he is hoping for more as his books are selling quite well) to employ housekeepers.

  3. The Reverend Gerald Foxworth:

    Body 2
    Coordination 3
    Sense 3
    Mind 4
    Empathy 4
    Command 1


    Scholarship: 4
    Hunting: 3
    Shooting: 2
    Oratory: 2
    Mysticism: 3*
    Horse riding: 1

    *Worth noting that Foxworth doesn't actually subscribe to any of the odd theological views he's seen during his career, he just finds them compelling as an object of study. His dissertation at Cambridge was in esoteric/gnostic desert cults.

  4. Pilsbury Claspington

    Chef to Fancy People (possibly a PC) and Amateur Taxidermist

    Body 2
    Coordination 4
    Sense 4
    Mind 2
    Empathy 2
    Command 4

    Cooking 5
    Taxidermy 2
    Chemistry 1
    Hunting 1
    Firearms 1
    Botany 1
    Biology 2
    Outdoor survival 1

  5. Wilmot "Gustav" Brindleton
    Body 3
    Coordination 3
    Sense 4
    Mind 2
    Empathy 1
    Command 2

    foxhunting 3
    shoot 3
    sabre 1
    latin 1
    bluster + bully 4
    carouse 3
    gamble 2
    regimental favours 3

    Wilmot likes to think that he was once a dashing cavalryman but in fact he has always been a blustering coward - and a bit too portly and fond of the port to cut a dash in the city or with the ladies. He's never been exceptional at anything. He has also been completely impotent for years. He makes up for all this by being irascible and unpleasant to horses, servants and secretaries.
    He has resources and poses as a businessman but has no head for figures - or opportunities. With fellow business and army men, however, he is known to be generous, dependable and discrete.

    Fixed assets:
    ancestral pile, built with India money and decorated like Brighton Pavilion. It will bankrupt his next of kin (he has no children nor a will). Has farmland which he'll cheerfully sell and hunting woods that he'll foolishly keep.
    Stable block with half a dozen racehorses that do quite well locally but aren't going to win the Grand National. Also a big brougham carriage suitable for long trips (outdated with the railway, but he's a traditionalist)
    Sailing yacht (sleeps 20, built like a revenue cutter) and little coasting steamboat (sleeps 4).
    Rooms at the club in Newcastle and at the Military, Naval and Country Service Club in London. Keeps a table at the Eccentric Club in order to encourage rumours that he has an actress for a mistress.