Thursday, 7 November 2013

Character Generation

You have 50 points to spend on stats and skills.

1) Stats.

1d in a stat costs 2 points. You must have at least 1d in each of the 6 stats; no stat can have more than 5d.

The stats are:


Sense refers to natural alertness and awareness; Mind refers to intelligence. The others are relatively self-explanatory.

2) Skills

The rest of your points can be distributed among skills on a 1 point per 1d basis. You can make up skills as you see fit; usually it is not worth putting more than 5d into a skill, and 5d is considered "world class".

3) Assets

You are all rich, and have £10,000 income a year. You start the game with £5,000 in cash, and £5,000 in bonds, shares, gilts etc. which can be converted into cash within 30 days. You also have £40,000 in tangible assets - a house, jewellery, antiques, rare books, whatever you see fit.

4) Madness

Note down your Madness meters: Violence, The Unnatural, Self, and Helplessness. These all start blank.